Feb 26, 2010

VA Comicon - Winter Style!

It has been a crazy winter thus far with the weather. Here at New World Command Central in Eastern NC, we have gone from snow to mid 60s to wind storms and back to a possibility of more snow. Making things even more aggravating is that it seems that the snow and rain have been coming in every weekend since Christmas!

Of course, our snow ills are nothing compared to the Snowmaggedon through the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. So, what's a good cure for the snow blues? Well, besides no more snow, how about a good comic book show! And that is what the VA Comicon is, a good, no make that great, comic book show.

So, if you are anywhere around the Richmond, Washington DC, Norfolk, or northeastern NC areas, and you are reading this blog, you owe it to yourself to check out this show. A great array of dealers including show promoters Brett's Comic Pile and Guy Rose, regional comics legend Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, Cards, Comics, and Collectibles, TNT Comics, All American Comics, and many more bring an incredible variety of books from the latest hotness to Golden Age greatness.

Not just a dealer's room show, there is also a cool assortment of artists in attendance including the hot Tsunami Studios (Kelly Yates, Rick Ketcham, Randy Green, John Wycough, and more), Kevin Sharpe, and the always cool Louis Small, Jr (you owe it to yourself to get a sketch from him). Additionally, get your horror on with Fangoria magazine in attendance.

Of course, we are bringing a selection of comics and toys as well. We have added in four and a half new boxes of fifty cent books (lots of GI Joe, Batman, Detective, and Thing in there) along with some additions to our higher priced books. On the CGC front, a slew of slabbed Joes will be available along with John McCrea Wolverine 100 book from Hero Initiative. This is a one of a kind book, and these do not show up on the market very often, so don't miss your chance.

Toys, you want toys? Well, we will definitely have toys as well. We will be bringing some random clearance figures from recent purchases. These have some out of the ordinary items in them, so they will be definitely worth a look. Other lines will include DC (Batman and some Justice), Marvel Legends (Toy Biz and Hasbro), McFarlane Hanna Barbera, Terminator, AvP, some Dawn figures, more Predator, GI Joe (yo Joe) and some hard to find Charmed sets.

Our show promotion is going to be a "20/20" sale with 20% off on all purchases of $20 or more. This will apply to everything we have, so pick up some more 50 cent books to make that $20 level!

If you made it down this far, one last thing to consider. Due to our upcoming addition to the New World family, this will be our last VA show until August. So, if you see something you like, make sure to pick it up since we won't be back for awhile!

Looking forward to seeing some of the greatest comic fans out there, and hope to see you there!

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