Feb 11, 2010

A Sign of End Times - Saints Win Super Bowl 44

It was an absolutely amazing game. I was predicted either a Colts blowout or a close game down to the wire, and so it was until about three minutes left. When Porter grabbed that interception, I was literally jumping up and down in the living room, screaming the entire way. And when the trophy was presented, well, let's say it was an emotional moment. I am so happy for the team and for the city. The curse is dead, let the new day begin for New Orleans. Oh, and I will pay well for some beads from that victory parade.

Now, past the emotional spiel, let me just give my two cents on the game (along with everyone else). The onside kick has to be one of the gutsiest calls in football history, let alone Super Bowl history. The Colts recover that ball, and the route could be back on. The Saints recover, and the momentum tips heavily in their factor. The Saints special teams have to be given a tremendous amount of credit for the game, both for that play, for consistently containing the Colts return game, and for Hartley keeping the Saints in it. After listening all week how the Colts had the advantage in the kicking game, Hartley had to take a lot of satisfaction in his performance.

One item I have not heard any commentary on is how similar this game was to the Giants victory over the Patriots a few years back. Objectively speaking, the Saints have more talent than that Giants team. But, the way Indy played the game was very similar to the way New England played and ultimately lost. Both teams seemed to be just going through the motions, confident that they were good enough to win. The team's attitude seemed to be one of almost entitlement - that the other team could not match them and would eventually fall to the side. Instead of playing to win, like the Saints and Giants were, they were playing not to lose. Look at the three runs Indy did right before the half. Playing it safe with the expectation of getting the ball first after half time. The continued short passes with very little pushing deep after the first quarter. The complete abandoning of the running game after the first quarter even though IT WAS working. All signs of an overly confident bordering on arrogant team that underestimated their opponent. The lack of intensity - of the will to power - really surprises me given the fact the Colts have lost so many times in the playoffs already.

Meanwhile, the Saints had the will to power. Up and down the roster, each player was up for the occasion. And more importantly, they were disciplined. None of the stupid penalties that were present in the Minnesota game. This was a team that wanted to win, that knew they could win, but also knew they would have to go out and EARN the victory. Brees was truly the MVP, but just about every person on the team made a critical contribution to the victory (Lance Moore anyone?). It was truly a TEAM effort, and when I say TEAM, don't forget the crowd as the 12th man. Like some sort of Voodoo version of the Force, you could almost feel the collective willpower of the Who Dat nation pulling for their team.

It truly is a victory for the ages. Savor it, because the Saints earned it.

Who Dat say dey going to be dem Saints? Nobody, because we're World Champs!

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