Mar 19, 2010

NC Comic Con Review

With 648 in attendance, the first NC Comicon has to be categorized as an unquestionable success. Additionally, there were lots of bags being carried out, which is great for the dealers as well. It was also good to see some familiar faces from other NC toy and comic events showing support for the new show on the block. The strong turnout makes a strong point that the Triangle area can support a full fledged pop culture show.

The variety of vendors added a unique style to the occasion, moving it beyond the typical "dig-a-rama" of your usual comic book show. Vicious Vestments, Alternative Xchange (I hope I spelled that right), and Wootini all brought items not normally seen outside of the large shows. Heroes Aren't Hard to Find and Brett's Comic Pile loaded in the hard to find comics, and Ultimate Comics set up had a nice mix of blow out books and hot items.

Tommy Lee Edwards had a long line all day long, and this has to be one of the few shows I have come across offering free sketches from an accomplished artist. Christos Gage was promoting his newest books, and I also saw a good amount of people around the indy artist tables as well. And you can't beat having Thor as one of the con runners!

The lines were well managed at the beginning, and the only real issue was the heat in dealer room 1. Of course, it is a good problem to have too many people! Overall, it seemed like there were a lot of satisfied people, both attendees and dealers. Take a look at some of our photos from the show.

Kudos to Alan and company for putting on a great show, and we look forward to being there in November. If anyone has any figure requests...hit us up! We look forward to seeing everyone there again as well as some more new faces.

Mar 14, 2010

Quick Store Update

We will be posting a more complete recap of the past Saturday's NC Comicon in the next few days complete with pictures of the crowded and very successful show.

In the meantime, we have put the Amazon storefront on vacation while we update the inventory to account for the high amount of sales along with some cool new figures we picked up.

Thanks to Alan and company at Ultimate Comics for putting forth a great first effort! More thanks to everyone who came out including some familiar faces from the In Pitch shows. And even more thanks to the new people who came out including horror fans, star trek fans, and a whole lot of Green Lantern T shirts!

More to come......

Mar 7, 2010

NCComicon - March 13 10am - 6pm!

It's always exciting when a new show debuts, and this one really has our interest. Raleigh has long needed a good pop culture type show, and hopefully, this could be the answer. Promoted by the great folks at Ultimate Comics in Durham, the show is going to be held at the Morrisville Outlet Center across from Raleigh Durham Airport. This is a really unique venue to be having the show in. Bigger than a hotel ballroom, nicer than a National Guard Armory, smaller than a convention center, and centrally located for all of the Triangle, it'll be a good sized and nicely appointed space for the debut show. There is also a large baby consignment sale going on the same weekend at the mall, so you can do shopping for all ages in the family!

While not loaded with guests yet, Tommy Lee Edwards and Christos Gage are great snags for the show. Both are great fan friendly creators, and this venue should provide for some quality fan interaction with them.

Another high point of this show is the variety of dealers. With a deliberate aim of providing a full spectrum of pop culture options, there is more than your standard "comic show" rows and rows of long boxes. So, if your inner geek is into things other than comics, don't let the "Comicon" name throw you off. Check out:

Wootini - custom and designer artist vinyl figures.
Gamefrog - video and internet gaming retailer and center
Vicious Vestments - Alternative Lifestyle Clothing
alternativeXchange - alternative music, movies, posters, books, and more

And if you are into comics and you are anywhere around the central to eastern NC areas, you have to be there. The strong comic dealer line up includes
Ultimate Comics (naturally)
Brett's Comic Pile - promoter of the VA Comicon and great selection
Earl Shaw Comics - regional show dealer with lots of older books
The Carolina Comic Club
and six more great dealers!

And of course, there is us! We will be continuing our successful "20/20" sale promotion of 20% any total purchase of $20 or more. On the comic front, we will be featuring another great selection of at least 32 half boxes of 50 cent books, new additions to higher end books, and a new "Buy 1, Get One Free" variant and signed books sale. For the toys, we will be continuing our clearance of some misc movie and TV related older figures as well as
GI Joe - 25th, A Real American Hero, DTC, Extreme, and Sgt. Savage
Marvel Legends - Toy Biz and Hasbro
House of the Dead
DC Direct
Star Wars! - clearing out older Power of the Force figures and more at $3 each or 8 for $16!
McFarlane - Spawn, Terminator, Aliens vs. Predator, Conan, and more

We are really looking forward to this show, and hope to see a lot of support for it. See you there!