Jan 2, 2010

First 10 Days of 2010 Amazon Sale Plus Raleigh, NC Toy Show!

We're bringing in 2010 with a cool sale at our Amazon storefront. From Jan. 1 to Jan 10th, you can get a 10% discount off any purchase over $10.00 from our Amazon store. No codes, no forms, nothing extra needed, just buy more than $10, and get 10% off. Nice and simple. Take a look at look here to see our varied selection.

However, what makes this a cool promotion is the Daily Specials we will be running. Each day, for one day only, we will be discounting a special product or class of products from 25% to a whopping 50%! And it's not going to be the low end stuff, great lines like Star Wars, GI Joe, Bowen, and Diamond Select will all be represented!

The only place to find out in advance what the upcoming daily special are will be HERE! We will post a couple of days of the schedule here so you can plan to pick up that item you really wanted for Christmas but did not get.

Jan 1st - Half Price Spider-Man 3 Black Symbiote Armor Figure. Normally $12.99, sale price $6.49. Click here for more info.

Jan. 2nd - One Third off all Disney Bean Bag Plushes/Disney Beanies. Includes great characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and more!

Jan 3rd- Half off Brian Uhrlacher and Reggie Bush All Star Vinyls. With these being limited editions of 250 and 500 respectively, these are a great deal!

We will be posting the next few days worth of specials on Sunday.

Also, we will be at the Inside Pitch Toy and Collectibles show in Raleigh, NC next weekend - Jan 9th and 10th. We're bringing approx 14 boxes of 50 cent comics along with some higher end books and some new CGC books. And it wouldn't be a complete show without us bringing a lot of figures including Marvel Legends, McFarlane toys (mostly sports), GI Joe, and a variety of assorted items. This will be the first show for a number of figures we have picked up from some recent collections. If you are in the central or eastern NC area, come on by. Visit www.insidepitch.com for more info.

Happy New Year Ya'all!

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