Jan 4, 2010

Amazon Sale Continues!

We are having lots of fun and positive feedback with our "10 Days of 2010" sale at our Amazon Storefront. You still have until Jan. 10th to get 10% off any purchases of $10 or more.

Additionally, our daily specials continue through the 10th as well. Remember, this is the ONLY place to get advance notice of the upcoming daily specials and no confirmation code is needed. The reduced price will show once you start the checkout process with Amazon.

Jan 4th - One Third off all Star Wars and other Sci Fi items!

Jan 5th - One Half off GI Joe Resolute Two Packs including the ultra rare Destro and Shockblast two pack!

Jan 6th - One Half off all Sports related figures including McFarlane sports!

Please email us with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you in the New World.

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