Feb 5, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl Ads - 2012

With my beloved Saints not in the game, I found myself lacking any vested interest in the game (although I really do not like the Patriots).  So, since several more qualified authorities and non-authorities have pontificated about the game itself for the past two weeks and up to the current second, let's talk about the commercials!

I am not going to bore you with the standard winners and losers or Top 10 list.  Instead, this will be some random thoughts from one geek's perspective on the quickest multi-million dollar investments in history.  And, given that it is a geek's perspective, this will be fairly pop culture heavy.

  • The Avengers - Marvel rolled out a teaser for an actual commercial that came off as just more teaser.   Far more impressive is the extended trailer that was simultaneously loaded up on the Avengers Facebook page.  The "We have a Hulk" line is an instant classic.   However, the question lingers....why not air the full trailer during the Super Bowl?   Was there not enough money in the marketing budget or were there no spaces available?
  • GI Joe: Retribution - Nothing really new here other than the brief glimpse of the fully helmeted Cobra Commander along with more of The Rock's pecs and Snake Eyes kicking tail.   However, the overall look and tone of the film appears to be far more appropriate for the property than the overly cartoony first one.  With some of the moves that the de-lipped Snake Eyes has been showing in the previews, I hope Larry Hama is smiling.
  • General Motors - I didn't place Clint Eastwood's voice until about halfway through the ad, but once I did, it was all goosebumps.  Tokyo, you feel lucky punk?
  • MetLife - Ok, we have characters from Warner Bros, Hanna Barbera, the Bullwinkle stable, and Voltron (?!?!?!).  Which of these things is not like the other?  Also, how much is the deductible on those lions and does it increase when they form the robot?
  • Honda CRV - Man, that Matthew Broderick just does not age!  Otherwise, this felt very forced.  I wanted to like it, but instead, I was let down at the end.  Some things should not be given the commercial treatment.
  • The Voice - Yeah, there were several ads for the show, but the Tarantino-esque action spot was clearly the best.  Cee Lo Green in the Uma Thurman track suit has to be the geek out spot of the night.
  • VW - Missed it.  Will have to catch it online later tonight.  The Force was not with me, but I hear the dog spot released in advance was better.
  • Geico - Will someone make bacon out of the damn pig already?   It was funny the first 20 times, but the amount of commercial spots that Geico is purchasing has to be causing my rates to rise.
And finally, the Coke ad with the football fan polar bears.  As the one bear goes out and vents his frustration to the heavens ("Arrrrgh!"), the only thought from this black and gold fan is "I feel your pain."

Now, time to start planning out the trip to New Orleans for next year's Super Bowl.......Who Dat!

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