Sep 17, 2011

A Short Rant on America's Got Talent

Begin rant - what in the world is with America's Got Talent!?!?

 For the third season in a row, a solo singer wins out over an ensemble group that displayed a  LOT MORE complexity, skill, and creativity! Last year, we got a blue eyed soul singer who is ripping off Joe Cocker and this year we get the Rat Pack revisited while exciting groups like Fighting Gravity, Recycled Percussion, and Team iLuminate finish third....THIRD?!?!?!?!

Check with New World Angi, I have been saying since the first Las Vegas shows two or so months ago that I cannot get behind Team iLuminate because they will get to the finals and finish third. Look what happens. I personally want to see the voting results, because I cannot fathom how the singer beats the group AGAIN. It almost seems like the group does not get it because it would be too difficult to split the million dollar annuity prize, AND it is cheaper to mount a show for a solo singer than a variety group (not to mention all the tutors for the kids in Silhouttes)

I love the show, but I have serious doubts about its credibility now.

End rant.

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