May 28, 2011

Time to Get Back in the Blogging Saddle!

Well, the last year has certainly been full of lots of fun stuff as we have welcomed the latest addition to the New World Family - Joanne!

One year down the road, and she is getting all over the place, but she hasn't squished any action figures yet. Give her time though. She also discovered a Spider-Man chair and apparently loves the color scheme.

However, if you are here and not a member of the immediate family and friends, you are probably not here to hear about the wonders of children growing up. Rather, you are here to read or talk about the wonders of keeping a bit of childhood with you!

So...let's go through some of the highlights, shall we?

!!New Arrivals!! We have acquired 800 plus Marvel and WWF figures from the mid 90s still in the original shipper cases. Highlights include some of the Marvel model kits, Marvel vs. Capcom two packs, Silver Surfer Cosmic Racers, WWF Finishing Moves, WWF Bone Crunching Buddies and many many more. The vast lot of these will be moving into our Amazon store over the summer while excess stock will be on our $10 or less sections at shows later this year

!!Figure Review!! If the latest batch of Iron Man figures is any indication, the revived Marvel Legends line is going to be a MAJOR disappointment. I saw the new Hulkbuster Iron Man and was laughing out lout at it. Keep a hold of those Toy Biz versions folks. These new ones are just going to drive up the value of their better ancestors.

!!Movies!! Thor was great and exceeded my expectations. If they do not get an Oscar for the costumes, then that is outright stupidity by the academy. Also, did anyone else dig the Rainbow Bridge effect as much as I did? (and did anyone else expect a Mario Kart racer to come flying on down it?) Green Lantern? Let's put it this way.....I will probably wind up Netflixing it.

!!Shows!! Finally, we will be doing shows again in the second half of 2011. While details on some are tentative, we will be setting up at the NC Comicon in Morrisville, NC and the Inside Pitch show in Greensboro, NC in November.

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